Monday, August 3, 2009

July Totals

July: 233mi. 20 runs.
YTD: 1136mi.

The best month in memory, and a step beyond anything that I did in 2007. Good to know, but 100 miles in 36 hours still doesn't feel like its happenin'. I'll try to ride the current fitness a little ways into fall and perhaps I'll be ready to run a nice marathon time at the fellahs reunionaj in December.

Catch Up!

Smiling ONLY because I'm finally at Sun Top -- the second major climb at the White River 50mi.

July 27-August 2. 15mi. 3 days.

Another week of library visits. Not much running. I actually felt OK on my three runs post White River, but I've pretty much decided that Wasatach is NOT a good choice for me at this point. The incentive to get out and run big miles wasn't really there.

July 20-26. 77 mi. 4 days.

My biggest week in 6-8 years. I made an eleventh hour decision to run The White River 50 Mile with a couple of friends -- literally decided on Friday morning -- and improved my 50mi PR by about 30 minutes. I didn't have quite as much left during that last 6 miles as I did 2 years ago, but I ran the second uphill much better this time around and feel like I paced it all out pretty darn well. Despite this 8:46.29 performance over 50 miles, I'm still feeling far from ready to run at Wasatch. Too many other things to accomplish in the next 5 weeks to prepare for that race properly it seems...

July 13-19. 44mi. 5 days.

Uhg. Kind of an uninspired week. 2 x 2900 ft (in about 3 miles) at Copper Glance Lake felt super hard. Nearly 10, 000 ft of climbing on the week though, and a pretty good amount the week before as well.

Monday, July 13, 2009


July 5-12. 60mi. 6 days.

At last, a return to the 60 mile week :) I was in the neighborhood in mid-May and have been firting again for the last two weeks. Even more importantly, I put in a solid 5 hour 10 minute effort in the hills near Leavenworth, WA on Wednesday afternoon. In each of the last three summers I have ventured further and futher into the Enchantments basin in the Alpine Lakes Wilderness area - and each time I am blown away by the carrot at the end of the stick. This year in particular, I was able to get beyond the last major climb to Lake Vivianne and to check out the mix of snow and water and granite that grace this incredible spot. Quite a "hump" getting there, as folks will say, as it took 2:50 for me to cover only 11.5 miles. There is about 5600-5800 feet of elevation gain and 4000 ft of it takes place in the first 6.5 miles. All in all, an excellent run. Topping that off, I ran 11 miles on the Wenatchee "Apple Loop" -- a flat to rolling paved bike path along the Columbia river -- on the day after. My legs were tired, but I ran the loop in about 1:20 (pretty close to 7:20 pace) so it was a solid back-to-back effort. The chaffing carry-over was the worst part!

As it stands, I'm still a little on the fence about my Wasatch bid. Back in the right training mindset - I think - but I'll have to decide for certain (and log my trail work hours) in the next 2-3 weeks.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Limited Speed

June 29 - July 5
55mi. 6 runs. 2 bike rides. 1 hike.

A little heat training too... somewhere in the neighborhood of 97-100 degrees during my 12 mile run to Mazama on Friday afternoon. Too hot, in some respects, for that to have been a wise choice on my part, but I took plenty of water and 80% of the run is in the trees. Also a nice exploration of Buck Mt./Buck Lake this week, and a 3+ hour run again on Sunday morning coupled with a 3+ hour hike on Sunday afternoon. Off to the Leavenworth area for a solid long run next week!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

June Totals

June: 203mi. 24 runs.
YTD: 903mi.

Pretty similar to April, and just a little more than May. I'm consistent, but need to step it up a notch. I'm on a slightly better trajectory than I was in 2007's Wasatch approach, but would love to eek out a little more.


June 15-28. 97mi. 11 runs.

Remember now, that's 97mi in two weeks time. An OK, but uninspired 40mi week to start things off, and then a much better 57mi week - especially considering my travels for Summer Reading. Also, a 3000ft gain in my long run on June 19, 3000 additional feet of gain one June 23, and 5-6000 feet of gain in the 22mi West Fork to Hart's Pass run on June 28 -- at least that's what Andrew was thinking. I really need to get back in the 5-6 hour range again soon, but 4:30+ on Sunday was a step in the right direction. Plus, I'm getting work done AND still getting good sleep.

I'll take it!

Monday, June 15, 2009

50 again.

June 8 - 14. 50mi. 5 consecutive days.

Again, a return to the 50 mile week. Even better, I spent 4+ hours on a run to Gardner Meadows and beyond and I seem to have abandonded the track workouts for the more Wasatch specific trail running. Its all about time... This week was better, and I did some appropriate training. We shall see what next week brings. I'll start by getting out the door today :)